Do You Feel Alone?

Are you a college student who belongs to a United Methodist campus ministry or have been considering joining a campus ministry? Do you feel alone or crazy for your decision to join a campus ministry and need some additional guidance? Do you want to find a place where you can connect with other college students with similar interests to your own?

It’s okay if you may be feeling a little lost on your journey through life, many young people feel they need to choose between their lives and their faith. But we, at College Union, are here to help you get connected to other students who are in their campus ministry or who are interested in joining their campus ministry, just like yourself, and are finding balance between their life and their faith.

What can you expect from College Union? Take a moment to imagine your own college union on your campus. The purpose behind a college union is to provide a place for students to gather as a community, to partake in events that interest them, to get connected with other like minded students, and to utilize the space as a valuable resource. At College Union, we want to provide just that for our visitors: a community, a place to connect with others, and a valuable resource that students can turn to. We do not wish to replace your opportunities and experiences on your own campus college union, but we do strive to provide students with an additional place to connect with others. We want to provide students from all colleges with a virtual college union, specifically focusing on faith, community, and inspiration, as an additional resource to aid their journey through college and life.


What Will You Find on College Union?

We don’t want to provide students with just information, but strive to offer something more than that. We provide students with the valuable resources and opportunities to make a positive and impacting influence in their life, both spiritually and academically. Students can get connected with:

  • Opportunities to gain knowledge in Student Leadership.
  • Access to powerful and inspiring Weekly Videos.
  • Opportunities to Write articles for College Union and get your voice heard.
  • Information of how to run or where to attend Workshops.
  • A Calendar of up and coming conferences and summits.
  • Additional Resources about other student organizations you could participate in, helpful websites, and additional contacts to help students grow.
  • Recommendations for books and websites to help guide young adults.
  • Information on how to successfully run a campus ministry, how to secure fundraising, and how to manage staff and volunteers in a campus ministry.
  • Spiritual Formation and articles to help students transform and grow.


Why Students Join Campus Ministries

Many students have doubts about joining their campus ministry. Some students want to join a campus ministry but are not sure if they should. Other students may feel that they should not join a campus ministry because they merely think that they don’t have a good enough reason to. Other students may feel that they need to choose between their education and their faith. Transitioning into young adulthood can come with many pressures, as many students are exploring who they are as an individual for the first time, causing them to ask the question “Is joining my campus ministry right for me? Will people look down on me? Is this that path I should take?”

Fortunately, there are many reasons why students join campus ministries, which means that no matter what reasons a student may have for wanting to join a campus ministry, they will surely find others they can connect with who understand. Simply put, there is no wrong answer for joining your campus ministry.

Students have many reasons why they choose to join a campus ministry, which include:

  • Students who feel that faith plays an important role in their life and want to continue to grow spiritually.
  • Students who may be unsure of the direction their faith is going who want to connect with other like minded individuals that can help guide them on their spiritual endeavors.
  • Students may feel as though they want to head down a spiritual path, but have little or no experience with their faith, thus need the guidance, support, and inspiration from a spiritual community.
  • Students may want to feel a connection to a campus community.
  • Students may want to feel a connection to something greater than themselves.
  • Students want to foster relationships, transform themselves, and experience a positive impact on their life.
  • Students may want the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills.

There are certainly other reasons why students may want to join a campus ministry, but no matter what the reason is, students should know that they will certainly make a meaningful and lasting connection. Know that no matter what your decision is to join a campus ministry, you are not alone.

If you would like some extra inspiration about the wonderful experiences you will have joining your campus ministry, you can read about the Ultimate College Road Trip taken by Ben Hines, where he spent one year visiting campus ministries across the US. You can read more about Ben’s adventures, inspirations, and spiritual growth in an Interview with him or just check out his website in general.

When students join their campus ministry, they find:

  • A way to make connections with their campus community.
  • Inspiration, support, and encouragement.
  • Guidance and knowledge from their local ministry and from other ministries to grow spiritually.
  • Opportunities to foster meaningful friendships and relationships.
  • A way to experience something bigger than themselves.
  • Impacting experiences that promotes positive changes and growth.


We Are Here to Support and Inspire

College Union is more than just a group of students for students. We offer a large community to provide support, knowledge, resources, and inspiration while you are on your journey to spiritual transformation and personal growth. You can get in contact with anyone on our Editorial Board or join our social media Community.

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From everyone here at College Union, we look forward to helping and guiding all students on their spiritual endeavors through a variety of resources, articles and blogs, workshops, summits, conferences, and personal contact.