Campus Ministry Bootcamp

Led by Creighton Alexander, Refresh Coordinator.

Bring your team to learn about best practices and strategies to take back to your campus ministry setting. In addition to the training and insight you receive at Boot Camp, you will get 10+ exercises you can work your teams through back on campus in order to incorporate these strategies into your ministry.  This training works best if you have members of your staff, student, and board teams with you.  Team Registration is $300 – that’s for ALL of your team. If at all possible, don’t come alone. 

From Creighton:

Here’s the deal:  I don’t just teach about these strategies – my students, staff, and board are living them out on our campus.  It’s not a one size fits all, silver bullet, and click your heels kind of seminar.  It takes prayer, hard work, and time to see these strategies bear fruit.  But I am confident that the material will help you and your teams get into position to join up with what God longs to do on your campus.”

  • 7 non-negotiables of campus ministry
  • Identify Your Mission Field
  • First 90 Days On Campus (applies to both new starts and established ministries)
  • Establish a Feeder System
  • Start A Freshman Ministry
  • Make Disciples
  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Synchronize with Your Context
  • Build Your Teams (student, staff, and Board)
  • Raise Support
  • Manage Yourself

Register for Boot Camp

To be a part of Campus Ministry Boot Camp, register your group for Refresh, then select the Boot Camp option before selecting a payment method. Team Registration is $300- that pays for either you, as an individual, or for your ENTIRE TEAM–your student, staff, and adult volunteers.